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Chris Grant has been involved in the sport of Eventing for over 20 years - competing at the upper levels, teaching, coaching and volunteering. The intensity of the sport demands good horsemanship, fitness and the never ending demand for riders to continue learning and improving their skills. Equally important, and a main focus in the training process, is the need for event riders to have an understanding and level of compassion for their horse. Based upon these components, Chris designed the Chris Grant Eventing program for students wishing to excel in eventing.

Chris also has years of experience training young horses and is known for "being able to get into each horses head". This innate ability combined with respect and understanding allows her to build upon each horse's unique qualities and develop the very best in them.( Many of the young horses she has worked with over the years now reside at Alliquippa and are the pride and joy of their new owners.) 

Chris's intuition is not exclusive with horses, as her many students will attest! She has the unique capability of customizing an individual training program for each rider she works with, ranging from the high school student actively pursuing eventing at the upper competition levels to the adult rider returning to the sport after some time off. Whatever the individual's goal, Chris provides a positive learning environment by keeping it simple and breaking things down to build the whole. End results are a respectful relationship between horse and rider and a confident, happy student.
Chris's Philosophy

Chris Grant Eventing is built on Chris's simple philosophy that a student's destination - where they want to go with their riding - is important, yet it's the journey that her students must fall in love with and embrace. It's the journey that will allow them to become the best rider they possibly can be. The journey is what will allow them to grow and build into a happy and accomplished rider.

In her 20 years of teaching and coaching, Chris has seen countless riders rush this journey for themselves and their horses, not understanding that it takes time to reach one's destination. As a result, she teaches her students the importance of understanding that not only are they working towards a specific goal and growing as an individual rider but they are also growing and building a partnership with their horse. As a student, they need to take the time to reflect on what they have already accomplished and further embrace the learning and skills they will acquire along their journey.  

Training Facilities for Eventers

The facilities at Alliquippa Stables were designed to meet the needs of event riders in training. They include: a 
75' X 200' indoor arena, a 150' X 250' outdoor show jumping ring, a large cross-country jumping schooling field and miles of hacking trails, all located on our 65-acre farm in the heart of Radnor Hunt country. 

Located just 30 miles west of Philadelphia, Alliquippa Stables is within close proximity to many, excellent East Coast events, horse shows and schooling sites. For riders wishing to compete year-round, Chris moves her eventing program to Ocala, Florida from January through April.

The different training options available include full-care board and differ according to the number of lessons and/or training you and your horse need and want on a weekly basis. For more information, please Contact Us. Chris would be happy to talk to anyone about eventing here at Alliquippa!
Chris Grant Eventing 

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